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-British Airways PLC and Skycooler Ltd. signed Container Lease Contract No. C7139  on 14th April 2008 for provision of Skycooler Containers.
-A number of Change Orders have since followed, the latest Number 10 and 11 for six (6) Containers, with Completion Dates being 31/03/2027. 
-Change Order No. 12 is currently under discussion and will include an additional four (4) Containers with Commencement Date 01/04/2023, bringing the total fleet to ten (10) Containers with p/n 1375-10-4xxx (Rechargeable Battery version).
-Future Change Orders allows for an extension of additional 24 or 36 Rental Month as required.
-Containers now have an "End Of Service" lifespan being Ten (10) Calendar years from date of Manufacture.
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