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A.6.Obligations of the Client

It is understood that the Client appointed Handling Agent might execute the obligations of the Client. In such cases the Client still retains responsibility.


At its own cost the Client shall Position Containers at Stations and other locations as needed by the Client. The Client may seek assistance from Skycooler.


The Client shall carry out condition checks at the Client Stations and shall report all Container Damages to Skycooler.


The Client shall be responsible and bear all costs associated with the Provision of Container consumables including dry ice and batteries.


If a Container needs to be Repaired the Client shall send the Damaged Container to Skycooler appointed London Heathrow [LHR] Repair Station.


The Client shall apply Container handling conditions as provided by IATA. Additionally the Client shall apply Skycooler Container handling conditions as may be introduced.


The Client shall maintain a contractual relationship with a Handling Agent at each Station at its cost.


The Client grants Skycooler the right to instruct and train its Handling Agent in order to create and further their awareness of the Handling Agent's responsibilities and of the Skycooler Container handling conditions.


At each Station the Client shall designate a representative who shall be the Container Responsible Person ("CRP'’) who shall report directly to Skycooler regarding Skycooler related issues.


It is the responsibility of the Client through its appointed Handling Agent to ensure at its cost:


That the activities of the Handling Agent are reasonably supervised and controlled by the CRP.


That adequate storage facilities are made available to safely store Skycooler Containers.


That adequate storage facilities are made available to safely store Containers requiring Repair until such time as they are transferred to the nominated Repair Company.


The Client shall be obliged at its expense to take out any necessary insurance with such insurance being in line with normal practice and cover expected by airlines. Any such insurance should cover the transportation of Containers by surface and air movement and should be applicable for the duration of time that Containers are Leased to the Client and specifically for the duration of time from Handover or Return of Containers at the Commencement or Completion of the Lease of Containers from Skycooler.


At the request of Skycooler the Client may be asked to reasonably adapt the conditions of its agreements with Handling Agents at Stations in accordance with Skycooler requirements in order to create Container storage areas.


The Client shall not make any alterations or modifications to Containers without the prior written consent of Skycooler.

A.7Obligations of Skycooler

Skycooler shall provide the Client with Containers as ordered by the Client in accordance with the Contract.


Skycooler shall provide the Client with Containers that are certified for production by EASA or the FAA.


Skycooler is responsible to provide technical specifications and details of airworthiness Standards to repair Companies.


Skycooler shall sign contracts with repair Companies to ensure that Skycooler Containers are maintained and repaired to a high Standard and to ensure that the Containers are airworthy. Such repair stations shall also be available to provide Container cleaning and Service inspection activities.

B.Special Conditions

Skycooler shall be responsible for repairs spare parts and any other costs associated with the installation and/or replacement of Warranty Parts defined in Exhibit B paragraph Bl. and B3.


The Client may request Skycooler to recover repairs and spare parts costs associated with Damaged Containers from a Third Party subject to the following conditions.


The Client has advised the Third Party of its intention to recover repair and spare part costs in writing and notified Skycooler hereof.


The Third Party has accepted the Clients request for recovery of repairs and spare parts costs and it willing to settle the aforesaid and against an invoice provided by Skycooler within a period of 30/Thirty Days.


Skycooler shall provide the Third Party with supporting documents such as but not limited to:

- Instructions by the Client to the costs of recover repairs and spare parts.
- Work Sheets and Form 1 issued by the nominated ULD Repair and Maintenance Company as provided by the Client.

B.7.Non-certified Training Services.

Skycooler shall provide non-certified training Services to the Clients nominated third party to be performed at the Third party location within the London Heathrow Area. A total of 10/Ten training session will be provided during the complete Rental Period of 60/Sixty months.


The initial training session will be performed within 3/Three months after Commence date at a mutual agreed date.


The training shall be performed by an employee from Skycooler Ltd. The group of representatives shall not exceed 8/Eight.

B.7.4.No training certificate will be issued.
Version: Nov-2021
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