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B.8.1.Turn Around Time terms and conditions
B.8.1.1.Repairs of Damaged Containers shall be performed during Business Days and Business Hours only.
Business Days - Monday to Friday only.
B.8.1.2.Turn Around Time is calculated from calendar date and time of a Container receipt at a Repair Company up to and including date and time of issue of Form 1 only.
B.8.1.3.Turn Around Time is related exclusive to Damages defined in Change Order No. 5, Schedule A – Definitions and Change Order No. 9, Schedule A Definitions.
B.8.1.4.=.Multiple Damages shall by default be defined as Structural until such a time as an Inspection has been performed.
B.8.1.5.Turn Around Time (TAT) TableBusiness Days:
Maintenance defined as Normal Wear and Tear.7
Repairs defined as General Damage for p/n 735.100.000 only7
Repairs defined as General Damage for p/n 1375.10.4xxx only .3
Repairs defined as General Damage for p/n 1322-10-3xxx only7
Repairs defined as Structural Damage.70
Repairs defined as Beyond Economical Repairs70
Repairs defined as Damages not classified70
Overhaul 7
B.8.2.1.Maintenance activities are related to Normal, Wear and Tear conditions only.
B.8.2.2.Repair activities are related to Damages defined as General, Structural, Beyond Economical Repair and any other Damages only to be defined after an Inspection has been performed.
B.8.2.3.Overhaul activities are related to extensive maintenance and upgrade in compliance with Skycooler and/or OEM standards.
B.8.2.4.Upon completion of any Repair, Skycooler shall provide the Client with a Quotation listing Fees in compliance with Change Order No. 5 and No. 9 unless otherwise agreed. Each Quotation shall include supporting documentation such as Work Order, photographic evidence if available duly signed CAA UK Form 1 airworthy certificate.
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