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000 – Commission

Container Commission activities will only take place upon receipt of a signed Change Order and subject to a 24 week Lead Time from Effective Date. Below an example of  a Change Order with Commencement Date 01/04/2023.
-Change Order Signed and Effective Date.01/10/2022
-OEM Purchase Order01/10/2022
-OEM Manufacture complete10/03/2023
-Certification - EASA Form 110/03/2023
-Logistics (Importation and Customs Clearing)10/03/2023
-Spare parts storage @ Repair Company17/03/2023
-Repair Company (CMM, spare parts documentation)17/03/2023
-ID Codes17/03/2023
-Branding (Decals)24/03/2023
-TCU Tests24/03/2023
-Certification - UK CAA Form 124/03/2023
-Hand Over to Handling Agent31/03/2023
-Commencement Date01/04/2023
Training - CRP30/03/2023
-Training - Operatives07/04/2023