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000 – Decommission

1.End Of Service
1.1.Each Container has a service “life” of Ten (10) Years from Commencement Date, example 1st. October 2021 until 30th September 2031.
1.2.Contractual: Client shall return the Container to nominated Repair Company in empty and clean condition not later than ten (10) calendar days after Completion date. Example: Completion date 31st March, latest return date 09th April.
2.Return within Service Period.
2.1.Repair Company perform an Inspection and submit details of Damages and Repairs requirements to Skycooler.
2.2.Skycooler arranges for repairs and spare parts to be performed ensuring the Container is Airworthy.
2.3.Container is released with a UK CAA Form 1 or FAA 8130-3.
2.4.The Client receives and settled final invoice for the above mentioned repairs, spare parts and supporting documentation.
2.5.Lease Agreement is terminated. In the event the Container is found to be beyond economical repair, it will be scrapped and Client charged full replacement value.
2.6.Example: RAP 10010 BA to RAP 10015 BA (2021)
3.Return at End of Service Period.
3.1.Repair Company perform an Inspection and submit details of Damages to Skycooler.
3.2.TSO and ID Codes will be removed followed by dismantling at a recycling facility in compliance with Local Authorities regulations.
Example: RAP 10001 BA to RAP 10006 BA (2008)
4.1.Prior to considering purchasing an RAP for external storage, animal shelter etc., please consider weight (500+ kgs) and logistics!
4.2.Purchase price for a End Of Life Container - £ 0.00, Ex Works.