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200 – Transport Profiles

TP-01Pre-condition by loading Dry Ice into Dry Ice Bunker, installation of Batteries, Aft Doors and Dry ice Bunker doors closed at Handling Agent08:00
TP-02Loading of catering trolleys, boxes and trays at Handling Agent01:00
TP-03Transit and Tarmac handling at Departure airport using a dedicated ULD truck for transit and high loader.03:00
TP-04Outbound Flight value is based on an average of 08:00 Hours sourced from Flight Schedules reflecting a number of Destinations08:00
TP-05TarmacOperation at Destination by High Loader, ULD trolley or truck
TP-06Inbound Flight value is based on an average 08:00 Hours sourced from Flight Schedules reflecting a number of flights to LHR or LGW.08:00
TP-07Tarmac and Transit at return airport using high loader and dedicated ULD truck transit.03:00
TP-08Cleaning by removal of catering equipment and cleaning of Container by Handling Agent.01:00
TP-09Storage with or without temperature control at Handling Agent12:00 / 28:00 / 36:00
TP-10Unserviceable Container transferred to Repair Company.
Remarks:SOP by:
1.Dry Ice and batteries used for Transport Profiles TP-01 to TP-08 may be retained during TP-09BA and DOCO
2.New Dry Ice and new batteries or rechargeable pack shall be loaded prior to TP-01 (Precondition).BA and DOCO
3.Dry ice calculation shall be in compliance with Standard Operating Procedure for British Airways PodHandling, Dry ice Table for 24 Hour Profiles.BA and DOCO
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