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300 – Loading Bay

Heights Transfer from and to stationary external storage (container/trailer) must not involve a drop of the container even with 5 cm nor is any space for the operative.
If Slave Pallet, then container is loaded and closed inside the internal storage area and moved to the loading bay for roll on loading into the ULD Container truck.
ULD Container Truck may be able to increase the loading height using an air suspension system
If the distance exceeds the maximum lift height of the ULD Container Truck air suspension system, a mobile lift needs to be installed.
Alternative is to increase the height of the parking area concrete/asphalt to meet the required height for transfer.
Please consider ULD Truck ability as to maximum height decrease/increases to ensure the stillage height is equal to the ULD Truck's loading area. An uneven transfer will results in the Container being exposed to a drop during transfer.
Ramps may used for interim Trolley loading and offloading between Loading Bay, Stillage or Catering Trucks.
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