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000 – Cleaning

3.1.The interior and exterior faces of the container may be cleaned with any good grade industrial detergent, cleaner and/or water. The interior has to be wiped dry with a clean cloth.
There are no objections to blowing out the container with compressed air or using a vacuum cleaner.
3.2.In extremely contaminated condition, steam cleaning is permissible but only with a maximum temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.
3.3.If sealing is damaged or missing it shall be restored immediately.
3.4.It’s permitted to clean the interior and exterior of the container with high pressure cleaner but with a maximum pressure of 2,5 bar.
3.6.Never use aggressive agents or chemicals;
3.7.The use of household like chemicals is preferred
Just a thought
Do not forget to clean the roof - what the Passengers and Crew see when looking out of the aircraft windows.
A Stobart truck, always spotlessly clean.