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000 – Storage

1.Before storage
1.1.Before transporting the container on dollies, transporters or other vehicles, ensure that restraint stops, locks or other securing devices have been applied correctly.
1.2.The container can be transported on roller beds and ball mats as well as by forklift truck (RKN/MKN), using the forklift pockets. The forklift pockets are designed to lift a fully loaded container.
1.3.Skycooler Containers shall not be handled by forklifts!
2.Storage locations
2.1.Slave Pallets
2.2.Roller Beds
2.3.ULD Trucks
2.4.Roller bed trailers
2.5.Reefer containers
2.6.ULD Racking
3.Only at a Repair Company
3.1.Concrete floor
3.2.Wooden Pallets
3.3.Wooden 4" x 4" spreaders
3.4.Lifting device
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