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800 – FAQ Storage

Storage in generalContainers must not be stored outside, exposed to any ambient weather conditions.
ForkliftFork lift handling is not allowed for storage, transfer, loading, cleaning – short answer NO!
MovementContainers are rolled using slave pallets, roller bed floor within facility, ULD Container Truck or external Trailer or Container storage fitted with roller bed floors. Container shall not touch the ground or floor to protect the pallet against stones, bolts or screws.
TemperatureTemperature Control Unit (TCU) maintain the temperature achieved by pre-condition. It does not cool down the Cargo Compartment as a Thermo King unit may do.
DamagesIf a Container is damaged, it cannot to used and shall be returned to Unilode.
Storage Options
Inside facilitySlave pallets are forklift able, may have rollers, available as second hand plus non-certified Equipment. Transfer of Slave pallet may be performed by a Forklift.
Roller bed floors
ULD TruckULD truck, open or covered.
TrailerReefer trailer with roller bed floor for movements inside of trailer, parked, secure 5th wheel lock/jack, second hand, Thermo King or Carrier unit must be serviced on regular dates. If no roller bed/floor, used slave pallets bolted into the floor.
ContainerContainer fitted with Thermo King or Carrier unit which must be serviced on regular dates. Container parked on jacks equal Loading height of ULD truck. Internal fitted with roller bed floor for movements inside of Container, Temperature container at fixed 5 deg. C, winter/summer
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