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100 – Limitation of Damages

1.1.The container shall be checked for any damages prior to loading as damaged containers may damage the aircraft loading and/or the restraint system invalidating the certified airworthiness-
2.Scope of Work
2.1.To ensure that a unit is in a serviceable condition it must be checked BEFORE EACH AND EVERY USE and any damages shall be within limitation of damages listed herein-
3.1.Container Check shall be performed in compliance with OEM CMM (Component Maintenance Manual) and Operation Manual (OM)-
3.2.Additional Container Check/s defined by the Client and/or Handling Agent may be performed as per its rules-
4.1.Handling Agent
4.1.1.Responsible for performing a Check prior to each Container Loading and upon each Container Return-
5.1.Limitations of damages
5.1.1.If any damages are found that exceed the limitations described below the unit has to be taken out of services for repair and transferred immediately to UniLode-
5.2.The base of the ULD is a certified standard pallet from third parties- The damage limitations of the pallet can be found in this sectionDamaged palletPallet
5.2.1.Pallet SheetDamaged palletPallet are allowed as long as:
• The correct restraint of the pallet is not restricted;
• No more than 5 mm indentation in a local area of Ø200 mm (Ø8”)
• There is not more than 1 hole with an area of 35 cm2 per 1 m2;
• The distance between two holes is not less than 500 mm;
• There is no more than one tear up to 100 mm long and 6 mm wide per 1 m2; notice: In case of a combination of above-mentioned damages reduce the values of the holes/tears by 50%
5.2.3.Edge rails on PalletDamaged palletPallet
Deformations of the edge rails are allowed as long as: deformation does not restrict the correct restraint of the pallet; the deformation does not exceed 25 mm (1”) in length with a maximum of 1 per 1 m (40”) edge rail length; maximum of 1 crack per 1m (40”) edge rail length; the crack is not in the area of an aircraft lock-
5.2.4.Damage to- or missing rivets are allowed as long as:RivetsPallet
• No more than 2 missing and/or damaged rivets in a row;
• Up to 3 areas of missing and/ damaged rivets may occur per 2m (80”) of edge rail;
• The 2 rivets directly besides the corners may not be missing and/or damaged-
5.2.5.Forged cornersForged cornersPallet shall be no missing or damaged corners in the pallet- In order to protect the aircraft against damage the rounded corners of the pallet are necessary-
5.2.6.Seat TracksLips of seat trackPallet
Damage to the seat tracks is allowed as long as 3 adjacent pairs of lips (on the right or left side) of any net tie- down point are undamaged-
5.3.1.Frame Sheets & PanelsDamaged frame sheetsContainer
Damage to frame sheets is allowed as long as:
• There is not more than 1 crack per frame sheet;
• The crack in the sheet does not exceed 12mm (1⁄2”);
• A permanent deformation does not exceed 12mm (1⁄2”);
• The deformation does not interfere with the function of the extrusion-
5.3.2.InsulationDamaged insulation paneContainer to insulation panels is allowed as long as:
• The length of cracks or holes does not exceed 75mm (3”);
• The distance between extrusion / assembly fastener and crack (or hole) is not less than 50mm (2”);
• The maximum number of unpatched cracks or holes per sheet smaller than 75mm (3”) does not exceed 2;
• Panels with a crack or hole with an area of more than Ø300mm and through both skins shall be replaced-
• Although cracks smaller than 75mm does not need to be repaired in respect to insulation values all damages must be repaired- notice: Taping is not a substitute for patching- Temporary covering cracks and holes:
• 3MTM aluminium foil tapes 425 can be used for temporary covering holes smaller than 75mm-
• The maximum number of repaired holes with 3MTM aluminium foil tapes 425 does not exceed 4- Important notice: This is not a repair method-
5.3.3.DoorsDamaged doorContainer to the doors is allowed as long as:
• The door panels are not distorted so that the safe and secure closing and latching of the door is affected;
• The deformation of the doors do not exceed the normal external shape of the container;
• There are no damaged or missing door catches or hinge mechanisms;
• The length of cracks or holes do not exceed 50mm (2");
• There are no more than two damaged areas in one panel-
5.3.4.FastenersMissing fastenersContainer shall be no missing fasteners (screws/bolts/washers/nuts)-
5.3.5.RivetsMissing rivetsPallet + Container pallet may have missing rivets as long as:
• No more than 5% of the rivets are missing per pallet top and bottom side;
• The distance between a missing rivet and the pallet corner is not less than 200mm (8");
• The distance between two missing rivets is not less than 200mm (8")- missing or damaged rivets on a container are allowed to elaborate:
• No missing rivets on the panels
• No missing rivets on strapping equipment;
• No missing rivets on gussets-
5.3.6.WeldingsDamaged weldingsPallet and Container in the welds is allowed as long as:
• Cracks in weld does not exceed 15 mm (0-6”)
• the crack is no longer than 50% of total length of weld-
5.3.7.TSO Plate and ID CodesDamaged or missing markings/TSO-plateContainer on markings or the TSO plate is not allowed- The TSO plate should be replaced when:
• The TSO plate is missing or damaged-
• The TSO plate is not readable-
5.3.8.Strap HandlesDamaged or missing strap handlesContainer damaged strap shall be replaced as soon as possible- When there is severe damage to the strap the strap shall be clearly marked or removed-
5.3.9.Sealed Edges

Sealed edgesContainer edges which are in good condition are providing an air tighter container- Also the cleanability is better when the sealed edges are in a good condition- Therefore it is recommended to repair teared sealed edges when possible-
5.3.10.Door RubbersDoor rubbersContainer rubbers have a crucial role in sealing the container air tight- Skycooler recommend to replace the door rubbers as soon as they are showing signs of wear or tear- This recommendation is valid for doors and the hatches-

Limitation of Damages

Limitation of Damages (pdf) format for download.

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