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000 – Spare Parts

Spare parts are supplied by the OEM in compliance with CMM's.
Spare parts are stored at UniLode as "Consignment Stock" in compliance with UK CAA rules and regulations.
2.MRO Spares
Normal Wear and Tear components are repaired either during a Repair and an Overhaul.
Spare parts are included in Skycooler Services.
TAT = 3 Business Days.
General Repair
Spare parts are purchased in advance and stored at UniLode.
Structural Repair
Spare parts are specified in a Work Order (CMM refers), and Order placed with OEM on a one-by-one basis.
Spare parts are produced, transported, imported and stored at UniLode prior to installation.
TAT = 70 Business Days.
Spare parts and upgrades are purchased and stored at UnLode prior to annual Overhaul activities.
TAT = 7 Business Days.
3.0Warranty Spares
Designated warranty spare parts was detailed period 2011 to 2019 as Repairs at the time was performed by BA.
Warranty spare parts specifics have been replaced with MRO Services as of C/O 5 (2019)
Link: CMM