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000 – OEM Training

B6OEM Certified Training Services
B.6.1.Skycooler will provide the Client with 1/One day training sessions to be performed at the Clients designated location with the London Heathrow Area between Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 Hours only. A total of 2/two training session will be provided during the complete Rental period of 60/Sixty months.
B.6.2.The initial training session will be performed within 3/Three month after Commence date at a mutual agreed date.
B.6.3.The training shall be performed by a qualified instructor provided by the OEM with the attendance of the Clients designated representatives. The group of representatives shall not exceed 8/Eight people.
B.6.4.The OEM training officer will provide the Clients representative with a training certificate upon completion of successful participation.
B.6.5.The OEM training session is paid for by Skycooler.
Terms and conditions listed above applied for the period 2011 to 2019, during which Repairs were performed by BA World Cargo.
Post 2019, terms and conditions listed above has been integrated within MRO Services (C/O 5 and C/O 9).
OEM Training planned for 2022 for p/n 1375-10-4xxx.