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701 – Agenda

Ref.Main subject:Description:CRP:Operative:
8.1.Technical IntroductionCMM, UK CAA Form 1, EASA Form 1, General knowledge of Containers, but;ld, components, risk factors, MRO (Maintenance, Repairs, Overhaul) services, Certification, TSO platingsYesNo
8.2.Operational introductionOperational Manuals, SOP's, Dry ice calculations, hard copy and online toolsYesYes
8.3.Quality AssuranceData download, online tools, data review, KPI and Non-Compliance ReportsYesNo
8.4.Online ToolsSkycooler Portal, VRR, UniLode FAST Tags, Web and Mobile AppsYesNo
8.5.Q & AProblems, ideas, enhancements,YesNo
8.6.Future dates:Future training sessions (2 x per Year)YesNo
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