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300 – UniLode FAST App

1.Link:UniLode FAST
2.User Name:Advised by UniLode
3.Password:Advised by UniLode
4.SMS:Sent by UniLode to your Mobile Phone
5.Menu Options:
5.1.Dashboard:Default display showing ULD's and their Location.
5.2.Tags:List of Tags installed on Skycooler Containers
5.3.Readers:List of Readers tagged for Skycooler Containers
5.4.ULDs:List of Skycooler Containers
5.5.Triggers:User defined Triggers, example Container temperature higher than xx º C. Please ask for assistance in set-up.
5.6.Geofences:Geofences (Area's) defined by User, example DODO LHR Area.
5.7.Labels:Labels are used to highlight an activity for a single or multiple Containers.
5.8.Events:List of Trigger Events
5.9.Reports:Reports with export to CSV or Excel formats
5.10Service:Option for data upload.
5.11Documentation:Online user manual
5.12Notifications:Service updates
5.3Readers:Readers tagged for Skycooler
LHR-DOCO Catering-Stationary Reader-000534
LHR-UniLode MRO Stationary Reader-000367
LHR-WFS-Stationary Reader-000133
LHR-Dnata LHR-Stationary Reader-000391
5.6GeofencesGeofences used by Skycooler
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